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Real estate marketing and social selling network powered by blockchain

Blockchain Real Estate

Blockchain’s inherent system of trust makes it the ideal technology for real estate. By leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), blockchain increases trust through greater transparency while reducing costs by removing inefficiencies. Upgrading the traditional real estate databases to a blockchain-based ledger would create a more transparent marketplace where users can see the entire transaction history of a property, along with 3D walk-throughs, floor plans, financials, and full property details all from verified property developers and asset owners.
Working with property developers and asset owners we're building a digital platform to tokenize their real estate assets and their purchase agreements to provide users with verified property information and live availability via the blockdeed.com platform.

BKD Token

Are you a real estate professional or property developer seeking to revolutionize the way we invest in the global real estate market? Look no further! We present to you BLOCKDEED, a cutting-edge real estate and social selling network that offers unparalleled opportunities for growth and profit. And with our exclusive initial liquidity pool token, BKD, you can own a valuable slice of this groundbreaking platform.
BLOCKDEED is not just another real estate platform; it is a game-changer. Our platform combines the power of blockchain technology with the vast potential of global real estate markets. By leveraging the transparency and security of blockchain, BLOCKDEED provides a trusted ecosystem where property buyers, sellers, and agents can connect, transact, and profit like never before.
As an investor, owning BKD tokens grants you access to the immense potential of BLOCKDEED's growth. Paired with the highly liquid and popular cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), the BKD token unlocks a world of real estate investment opportunities that were previously out of reach.
By investing in BKD tokens, you become a vital part of BLOCKDEED's success story. As the platform gains traction and its user base expands, the demand for BKD tokens is set to skyrocket. This increased demand will directly contribute to the appreciation of your investment, offering you significant returns on your initial contribution.
The benefits of investing in BKD paired with ETH are extensive. Here are just a few reasons why real estate professionals and property developers should seize this opportunity:
  1. 1.
    Global Real Estate Access: With BLOCKDEED, you gain access to a global network of real estate markets, allowing you to diversify your investment portfolio like never before. Whether it's residential, commercial, or industrial properties, BLOCKDEED has it all.
  2. 2.
    Transparent and Secure: BLOCKDEED's blockchain-powered platform ensures transparency and security in every transaction, mitigating risks associated with traditional real estate investments. Smart contracts guarantee the execution of agreements, while the blockchain ledger offers an immutable record of all property transactions.
  3. 3.
    Social Selling Network: BLOCKDEED not only offers investment opportunities but also serves as a hub for real estate professionals to connect, collaborate, and grow their networks. By investing in BKD, you gain access to a community of like-minded individuals and industry experts.
  4. 4.
    Liquidity and Flexibility: The BKD liquidity pool token ensures that your investment remains highly liquid, allowing you to buy, sell, or trade your tokens at any time. This flexibility ensures that you can capitalize on emerging opportunities and maximize your returns.
Invest in BKD paired with ETH today and become a part of the BLOCKDEED success story. Join us on the forefront of real estate innovation and secure your future in this dynamic industry.
BLOCKDEED will launch our BKD/ETH liquidity pool via the UniCypt launch pad. We have a limited number of 200 whitelist spots available, please click here to register.
BLOCKDEED Token (BKD) is an ERC20 token standard on the Ethereum network, with a total supply of 100,000,000. Etherscan address contract 0xdff948360f46fd5d0d360f9e562f6d2771c38b81 https://etherscan.io/token/0xdff948360f46fd5d0d360f9e562f6d2771c38b81

BLOCKDEED Founders Club (NFT Membership)

Limited to 1000 Members the BLOCKDEED Founders Club NFT is a utility token on the Ethereum blockchain that provides access to blockdeed.com and our global network of real estate professionals, property developers, and real estate investors.

NFT Utility / Benefits

  • Free property listings
  • A global network of real estate professionals
  • Property portfolio management
  • Off-market property deal flow
  • Direct property leads
  • Personalized listing Web page
  • Custom Blockdeed URL


Members can stake their BLOCKDEED Founders Club NFT Membership for 90 days to automatically receive our BKD cryptocurrency with an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 10%.


By tokenizing real estate purchase agreements we're able to provide Members with access to commission-paying property listings. Members receive up to 100% of their sales commission paid in ETH directly into their registered wallet address or via their chosen fiat currency. Terms of payment vary depending on property sales and purchase agreement
The remaining 2% of the commission payable is converted into ETH and used to buy back our Cryptocurrency token BKD, via the BKD/ETH liquidity pool on Uni Swap. Thus Increasing the value of the remaining BKD Tokens for its holders.

Platform Governance

Our Members are given voting rights via BLOCKDEED Snap Shot to govern the community guidelines and parameters of the platform. A member must hold both their BLOCKDEED NFT and a minimum of 1000 BKD Tokens in their wallet to submit and vote on proposals. Voting will be conducted via the BLOCKDEED SnapShot https://snapshot.org/#/blockdeed.eth

Road Map


  • Launch BLOCKDEED DAO - Manage proposals and voting via SnapShot.org/#/blockdeed.eth
  • PreMint Whitelist Access - Manage whitelist access using PreMint
  • Community Collaboration - Collaborate with other NFT Communities and real estate professional communities
  • Social Media Marketing - Broadcast daily updates on Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, Medium Flow Us @Blockdeed
  • Grow Discord Community - Set Community Discord to answer questions and grow the community vibe
  • Launch BLOCKDEED NFT - Code NFT smart contract and minting page on blockdeed.xyz

20% Sales

  • Usability Enhancements - Improve overall user experience and functionality
  • Wallet API Integration - Integration of Meta Mask and Coinbase wallets into blockdeed.com
  • Referral Program Integration - Reward NFT holders for onboard more users
  • Paid Marketing Campaigns - Targeted marketing in Blockchain / real estate press

40% Sales

  • Smart Property Contracts - Enable real estate developers to create Non-Fungible Tokens linked to the full property details.
  • Time-stamp Activity - Record of property details being updated and previous transaction history
  • Mint Property NFT - Minting of property NFT on BLOCKDEED.com
  • On-Chain Offers - Allow users to submit offers on a property by connecting their wallet
  • Accepting Offers - Acceptance of offers received
  • Cancel Offers - Cancel offers that have been submitted
  • Timed Offers - expiration time/date of a submitted offer
  • Property Auctions - Time property auctions
  • Automate Commissions - Automatically pay commissions to the associated party when a buyer purchases a property.

100% Sales

  • Launch BKD Coin - Officially launch the BKD Coin
  • Airdrop BKD Coin - AirDrop BKD to BLOCKDEED NFT Holders
  • Launch UniSwap Liquidty Pool - Launch quidity pool on UniSwap
  • Get Listed on an exchange - BKD to be traded on the open market
  • Blockchain Press Releases - Annonce Blockdeed’s Blockchain Title Deed protocol
  • Host International Events - Host events to support marketing initiatives
  • Grow Partnerships - Onboard real estate developers and key partners
  • Raise Venture Capital - Complete our fund VC fundraise
  • Expand into New Markets - Africa, South America